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Case Histories

Numerous case studies leveraging Dr. Sethi's expertise are viewable on FMC's website; go to the Klozur tab and open the resource center folder.

Below are some representative case studies from FMC's Internet site.

  1. JAG Consulting Group:
    A former UST fueling facility located on the North Shore of Lake Shasta, California had elevated levels of BTEX, MTBE and TAME. A use of H2O2 activated Sodium Persulfate was employed to achieve 77% reduction of MTBE, 96% reduction of TAME and 81% reduction of Benzene over a period of 210 days following the In-situ Chemical Oxidation injections.
  2. Exo Tech Inc.
    Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia. Petroleum constituents in the soil and groundwater were treated with NaOH activated Sodium Persulfate. Based on the reductions in the levels of BTEX, EPD approved the site for monitoring only.
    A former chemical plant located in Trento, Italy had a contamination of petroleum (NAPL). A successful pilot test involving the use of H2O2 activated Sodium Persulfate led to the approval by Regional Environmental Agency and the Federal Agency to continue the project on full scale.
Case Histories
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