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Laboratory and Report Protocols

In order to maintain the validity and reliability of our results, AERG implements strict protocols in lab function, safety protocols and contaminant handling.

  • Contaminated soil and groundwater samples must be transported to our lab in a cooler kept at 4° Celsius and, once received, will be stored in our refrigerator maintained at 4° Celsius. All samples must be accompanied by EPA required reports on types of contaminants and contaminant levels, as well as a Chain of Custody form.
  • Following a thorough review of soil characteristics and existing reports, we will create a testing plan to determine the chemical solutions or "cocktails" that will lead to a successful remediation.
  • Once the testing plan has been developed, soil samples will be divided for initial testing of chemical "cocktails" by laboratory technicians. Detailed reports of remediation speeds will be kept.
  • Treated soil samples are analyzed by spectrometers to determine post-treatment final level of contaminants.
  • The client will receive a detailed report that includes formulations, logistics, methods of delivery, and contamination distribution.
  • Consulting services are available to assist clients with on-site monitoring and application of remediation treatments.
  • We will work with partner firms to drop-ship bulk supplies of chemicals directly to the site. (AERG is not involved in the transportation or handling of these chemicals.)
  • AERG will not inventory any chemicals other than those used for testing purposes. All testing equipment is standard laboratory equipment.
  • All soil samples will be stored in a freezer during the testing process.
  • AERG handles very minimal hazardous chemicals. All hazardous chemicals are handled under direct supervision of management and stored in a locked location.
  • No fumes are created during the testing process.
Laboratory and Report Protocols
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AERG implements strict protocols in lab function, safety protocols and contaminant handling.
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