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Testing Services

Screening of Oxidants (OX)

Lab Test to select the best cost-effective Green Oxidant for site remediation [ MORE INFORMATION ]

Soil Oxidant Demand (SOD)

Quantitative Test to determine the amount of oxidant required to overcome the demand imposed by the presence of natural organic matter, metals, minerals and other unknown reactants in a contaminated soil/groundwater [ MORE INFORMATION ]

Treatability Studies (TS)

Benchtop study to determine the progress of degradation of the contaminants of concern (COCs) against time [ MORE INFORMATION ]

Column Treatability Study (CTS)

Bench-scale Column study to determine the progress of degradation of COCs using native soil/groundwater and an oxidant or reductant under nearly site specific conditions [ MORE INFORMATION ]

Bio-Remediation Study (BRS)

Bench-scale bioremediation feasibility studies to investigate the degradation of COCs by alternative technology [ MORE INFORMATION ]
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In-Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), a newly developed technology in which mostly green oxidation and reduction chemicals designed to degrade contaminants are injected into the affected area, is rapidly becoming the technique of choice in remediation efforts.
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